Lecture slides from Autumn 2021-2022 are located here


Office Hours will start in the second week of the quarter. All deadlines are 11:59 PM PST
DateTopicLecture Slides
Lecture 1 Sep 26 (Mon) Course Introduction lecture1.pdf
Assignment Sep 27 (Tue) Assignment 0 Released
Lecture 2 Sep 28 (Wed) Medical Images: Classification lecture2.pdf
Section Sep 30 (Fri) Review: Deep Learning Fundamentals deep_learning_fundamentals.pdf
Lecture 3 Oct 3 (Mon) Medical Images: Advanced Vision Models (Detection and Segmentation) lecture3.pdf
Assignment Oct 4 (Tue) Assignment 0 Due; Assignment 1 Released
Lecture 4 Oct 5 (Wed) Medical Images: Advanced Vision Models (3D and Video) lecture4.pdf
Section Oct 7 (Fri) Numpy/TensorFlow Review Session numpy_review.ipynb, tensorflow_review.ipynb
Lecture 5 Oct 10 (Mon) Electronic Health Records: Introduction lecture5.pdf
Lecture 6 Oct 12 (Wed) Electronic Health Records: Advanced Topics lecture6.pdf
Section Oct 14 (Fri) Project Partner Finding Session (optional)
Lecture 7 Oct 17 (Mon) Electronic Health Records: More on Text Data and Representations lecture7.pdf
Assignment Oct 18 (Tue) Assignment 1 Due; Assignment 2 Released
Guest Speaker Oct 19 (Wed) Strategies for Interdisciplinary Projects in AI and Healthcare: Dr Gabriel Brat
Project Oct 21 (Fri) Project Proposal Due
Lecture 8 Oct 24 (Mon) Multimodal Data, Multimodal Models, Weakly and Self-Supervised Learning lecture8.pdf
Lecture 9 Oct 26 (Wed) More on Transformers and Multimodal Models lecture9.pdf
Lecture 10 Oct 31 (Mon) Genomics: Introduction lecture10.pdf
Assignment Nov 1 (Tue) Assignment 2 Due; Assignment 3 Released
Lecture 11 Nov 2 (Wed) Special Topics: AI for COVID-19 lecture11.pdf
Section Nov 4 (Fri) Midterm Review Session
Midterm Nov 7 (Mon) Midterm Exam (in person during class hours)
Lecture 12 Nov 9 (Wed) Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning lecture12.pdf
Guest Speaker Nov 14 (Mon) Genomics Guest Lecture: Dr. Barbara Engelhardt
Assignment Nov 15 (Tue) Assignment 3 Due
Lecture 13 Nov 16 (Wed) Interpretability, Fairness, and Ethics lecture13.pdf
Project Nov 18 (Fri) Project Milestone Due
Guest Speaker Nov 28 (Mon) Guest Lecture: Dr. Jonathan Chen
Lecture 14 Nov 30 (Wed) Distributed Learning, Security, and Privacy lecture14.pdf
Course Conclusion and Guest Lecture Dec 5 (Mon) Zach Harned, JD (Zoom)
Project Dec 14 (Wed) Poster Session (in person from 3:30PM to 5:30PM in LK Herb Garden)
Project Dec 16 (Fri) Project Report Due